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Come visit us, a nation of 100 nations.

Travel and live with us in this ancient land which houses all the religions of the world, even those that have gone extinct in their homelands. Come and experience a melting pot of various cultures of the Orient- each one of them conversed and thread together, but still holding their distinct identity. 

If you are a student of Art, History, Architecture, Culture, Spiritualism, Yoga, Handicrafts, Wildlife, Photography, Anthropology, Social Work, or simply a lover of travel, come and join us in this life-changing two-week journey across India. 

You will experience a Himalayan Trek, Natural Wildlife Safari, Dessert Safari, Volunteer Opportunities at several social projects, and you will witness historical and architectural masterpieces and life beyond a thousand years of history. 

Cost does not include:

-international flights

** For assistance booking international flights:

Cost includes:

- room and board

- three meals daily

-unlimited bottled drinking water 

-entry fees

-adventure packages

-transportation within India by road, flight and train

-personal tour guide from arrival to departure

​-24/7 Emergency contacts


Basic: June 13th - 22nd  

Extended: June 13th - 27th 

Volunteer & Explore INDIA

Payment Information:

*30% payment is due: January 1st, 2020

*Remaining 70% due March 1st, 2020

*30% Payment must be made by bank wire transfer (bank details will be provided you at the time of payment). 

*70% payment may be made by bank wire transfer, credit card or in cash when in India.  

Summer 2020 Tour: Starting from $1150

Spring 2020 Tour: Starting from $1250

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Basic: April 13th - 22nd  

Extended: April 13th - 27th